Wireless Keyboard

TV Box Must-have Gadget, User Experience Improved 100%!!!

This high performance and ultra compact TR-MWK Wireless Keyboard and Touchpad is perfect for night workers, travelers, commuters as well as trainers. The innovative wireless and touch pad design provides a slimline design for maximum portability and convenience for a clutter-free workflow.

Main Features
– Powerful 2.4GHz powerful anti-interference wireless connection
– Innovative keyboard and touchpad for mouse-free operation
– 69 backlit keys provides total convenience for night workers
– Equipped with IR light pointer for presentations and training
– Fully plug and play: perfect for HTPC, PS3/PS4, XBox 360 and XBox One
– USB rechargeable built in battery for an eco-friendly green life
– The embedded receiver can be stored inside the keyboard slot

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