How to Install KODI and KODI add-ons on SCISHION V99 Amlogic S912 Octa-core Android TV Box?

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Many people are turning to Kodi for their streaming of sport, TV and films. However, pre-InstallED Kodi is big problem for TV Box manufacturers now because of policy risks. NOW, people need KODI urgently, otherwise the TV Box without KODI may have no difference with a brick. Here are the tips how to install KODI on the device without pre-loaded Kodi.

1. Starting up

Use the HDMI cable connect the TV Box and your TV

Plug in the Power Supply

Boot up

2. Download and Install

Choose the right version KODI to download from the website of or get it from your supplier.

Please note that some manufacturers may change KODI to adapt to their devices, so you should ask your supplier for this issue first.

Download and install KODI & KODI Add-ons.

Just click the remote control’s mouse to finish all of these steps.

3. Watch Video

Please open the KODI add-ons through KODI. You can’t run the add-ons directly, and you should enter KODI and open the add-ons.

4. Uninstall
Settings–>Apps–>Downloaded apps–>Uninstall–>OK

5. Factory Reset
Settings–>Storage&reset–>Factory data reset–>Erase everything

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